That's How We Do It Lyrics

Critics and cynics complain that it's a fallacy
Claiming rap music has a lack of musicality
But in reality none of the critics can rap
So they don't know the facts but they're always on the attack see
Rhythm and poetry that's what a rap is
It takes musicality, focus and practice
The rhythm is rapid like the notes of a jazz lick
Or if it's a triplet it slows down like traffic
You might point out that it lacks a melody
But rap can be melodic like Ella or Della Reese
I don't care about your musical pedigrees
Cos I'm the half breed of a jazz funk legacy
You better be on point when you diss it
Cos we know the critics of rap are all bigots
So dig it
This is how I kick it and it's beautiful
Don't ever try to tell me that my rap isn't musical

That's how it is
That's how we do it
That's why I love this hip hop music

The same critics talking trash and dissing rap
Listen to jazz, rhythm and blues and classical gas
Maybe they never studied the past or just don't mind
That jazz wasn't considered a music at one time
They don't want to admit that it might last
A very long time like jazz and it's no fad
Rap tracks continue to pack kiddies knapsacks
So listen to the sax sayin' somethin and that's that
Now I can rap alone spontaneous like a saxophone solo
Without a chaperone or a stack of poems
I'm deep like a baritone singing in catacombs
Back in the days I used to freestyle for accolades
What other musical genre besides rap
Crafts lyric gems just as rhythmic as hi-hats
What other music improvises up wisecracks
To make the crowd happily clap
And why's that?
That's how it is
That's how we do it
That's why I love this hip hop music

See I grew up in Philly listening to the Roots
And Black Thought taught me the rules of this rap sport
And now I'm hip-hoppin' on planes taking it worldwide
To make the fellas clap and the beautiful girls sigh
And every now and then critics emerge
Telling me rap's not a music and I think it's absurd
Cos I transcribe the rhythms and I know that I'm right
And I show and prove my theory when I'm holding the mic
I know you might not respect what I do
But at least hear me out when I'm stepping to you
Cos I'm not your average cat waving a gat
When I rap I freestyle while I'm taking a nap
Making them clap to the music as I travel the globe
A representative
With my pen I give a sensitive consideration to my sentences
That's the concept
Take it to the hook let me put it in context
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