Much 2 Much Lyrics

Now this world is curled up in a ball that's set spinning
You gotta hustle to get by
But get children and eat right
Before you sleep tight in a pine box
You gotta find meaning in life before time stops
The truth is we all make stupid excuses
Trying to find truth but the truth is elusive
You gotta find peace
And the fact that it's useless to seek real truth
Cos it's just an illusion
But I don't wanna seem overly jaded
I don't know a thing but I really can fake it quite well
Enough that it sounds convincing
Like the so-called benefits of ginseng
But whatever happens I've abided
To try to live righteous I've decided
That this existence can't be rushed
Cos it's much 2 much 2 much 2 much
Just 2 much

It's much 2 much for us

With so much to lose
Let me get ready to choose
There's much too many rules, many people confused
And there's much more to learn, much more to observe
Many must find a cure but it's very obscure
Much of us lost and we must be found
Much of us up but we all come down til we're dust under the ground
There's much too many clowns when the circus is in town
Much too many frowns, too many to count
But it's all part of the race
And we all rush to get a good place
But it's much too much to react to and try to discuss in a short verse
Too much to say too much to rehearse
Too many words emerge to create sounds
That make crowds much too proud to get down
Too many men and women frustrated and out of touch
It's just too much
It's much 2 much for us
Now there's much too much difference in the haves and have-nots
Much too many jails, caged people in padlocks
Much too many mothers camped out in the crack spots
Much too many cats getting shot in the back
Pop! Pop!
Too many glocks, hip hop's getting hard to watch
Too many gimmicks and it just won't stop
Too many third world kids walking without socks
Living in boxes and the water is toxic
Too many dying too many crying too many lying
Eyeing you up and down and trying to s***** your crown
Too many pounds are wasted
Too many places are polluted so let's face it
Too much to handle too much to cope with
Much 2 much info to maintain focus
And much of us can't see the big picture
That all of us are really just brothers and sisters
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