The Filth and the Fable Lyrics

I am that voice which guides them,
I am that heedless tale
I am their rhymes their stories,
I bring a warning listen well
Cause behind all those childish phrases,
A darker purpose waits
And when our dreams they learn their places
(Filth) Step light through darkened hallways,
(Fable) Don't tempt what's creeping there
(Filth) There's no escaping nightmares,
(Fable) Not when they've become real
(Filth) No room for nursery rhymes in,
(Fable) This ageless carnival
(Filth) Your head become a vessel,
(Fable) Travel the ethereal
Just listen, their words are so macabre
History, hid in a children's song
Life lesson, what one should and should not fear
Imagine, punishment so severe

Even progeny can fall to common subreption (x2)
All of a sudden, you've been shut in
Scream till you're h***se it will do you no good
Christ has sold his soul to the wicked
And now their coming for yours too

Inviting, a world beyond the real
We're hiding the filth behind a veil
Resurgence of fiction's canopy
Conceal, the guise of tragedy

Chorus (x2)
These are the tales of our time
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