Test Your Metal Lyrics

Test your metal

You been around town with an original sound
And everyone knows who you are
All you really got is your name
But everybody loves you the same
The party don't start till you walk in the bar
And the crowd is waiting on you
As soon as they hit the lights, take flight
But there's not many places you can play
And all the faces stay the same
I'm not trying to say this town is lame
But it's time...
Test your metal!
Hot city nights, under city lights
We are the night

Trust me when I say to hit the road and escape
Can you hear them calling for you
Just try to take it day by day
The next town ain't so far away
There's a world outside
Lets take a ride
I'm not gonna say it again
Now's the only chance you got to rock
Don't let your dreams get away
Get up, go forth and make them scream...
It's time
[Chorus] (x2)
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