Black Goat of the Woods Lyrics

The goat keeper is mourning, because night has stolen his keep

The dark reveals the charge
these woods can procreate
In the royal court of hell
he is a jester
Bound tight to Satan's will
he lives to serve
All the others roam the hills
their conscience free to make believe
The Black Goat waits with ease
waits for the night to see

He never shows, 'cause of
Grinding the bones of infants
to make his morning tea
The Black Goat of the woods is hiding in shame
Causing Pain
But on the battlefield
his sceptre turns to steel
And all who meet his blade
know his name
Recreated, the sins of man his repertoire
See him changing, his
evil's taking form

Pieces passed down through the ages, they fill him
Sated, he murmurs ancient phrases, hear the Black Goat's song

x 2

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