Destroyer Lyrics

He comes with chains
that can't be broken or maimed
(abcond) the shoulders of
the wicked (exchange)
His empire lifted by the fingers
of (juleburn)
Was he (feelix) like a god
in the time of his ascension
all you peons stand in shame
in the prescence of his glory
between his finger and his thumb
those who stand against his legion
Rip your heart out with a glare
defy him if you dare

(yeah calls and way, a sham
the bowels, yeah calls a wain
forever of lies)

His rise to power was not easy
nor is the strength that holds him there
Even his messengers get nausea
He is the bringer of despair
(like stones) the corpses line the
parkways and streets
as fled those (feeling the wicked of steaks)
(to crush the) gardens blooming
noxious disease

(as second skulls who slay
hang over each door)
cause this is turning by my
skeleton horde)

Intestines glisten from thier
teeth as they smile
Though his heart may seem black
he'll never turn his back
on all those who are faithful
till the end

But when his time does come
to pass the power on
He'll share it with you all

(stars) as meat begins to rot
your mangled corpse disfigured
Go now destroyer and
(rid your willing cries)

Feel the (insindio, his brains
count misbeing held)
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