Tonight We Ride (video edit) Lyrics

Hold on to this moment for all time
This is the night we ride
I hear them calling our name
Raising the flag and fuelling the flame
I'll find my destination
Don't tell me where to go
I won't give in this time, feel the power
Not this time, scream it louder

Voyage o'er the mountains and wastelands
Far beyond the sea lies fortune

No regrets, just live for the fight
Renounce your precious lives and ride
Take hold of your steel chariot
Though ours is gone, lives on
Rise to the Challenge or fall
Nothing will hinder our rise to the call

We'll find our destination
Can't tell us where to go
We won't give in this time, feed the hunger
Not this time, growing stronger

We'll find our destination; let's go!


Fly, redeem tonight
Destroy, renounce your precious lives and ride
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