Your Mess Lyrics

One night I was talking to a friend of mine he decided to tell me there was something on his mind
I may have done something wrong I may have made a mistake
I don't believe it now you tell what's my girl supposed to think
This is your mess this your mess you gotta clean up
This your mess this your mess (repeat)

How could you do that to me now I've messed up in the worst degree
Got to get right on my knees and I got to hope that she hears my pleas
So what did that fool do watch him telling me
That he's sure he saw my girl mess around on me
Maybe now I'm not so sure the sun was in my eyes
You stupid idiot why did I listen to your d*** d*** lies


Like when you're on the ice you may just slip and fall
No you can't help it no not at all
You can stop it all you have to do is learn
Stop it right now you can't have the world
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