Get It Together Lyrics

And when she turns away from me I don't know where to look
I've tried my best done everything they've written in the book
I know it's not a fantasy 'cause this thing is too real
Maybe she s trying to break the man in me but she don't know how I feel

I've got to get it together ain't gonna stay here forever
Got to show that it's not alright hold on to my integrity so tight
(I can't wait no more that's right walking out the door
Should have done it long ago but you know when you know that your out of time)
Why must you treat me so
Lady I want you to know how I truly do feel and
Lately it hurts me I'm wishing that this wasn't real
My love my time my heart my soul all waste in vain
And I put it to you there's nothing left release me and ease the pain

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