Stylin' Lyrics

I can see that your cool, got something I want
I want to be down with anything you"re selling now now
You give me palpitations
Make your move time to prove show me what you've got
I can see your ready when you"re on the spot like now now
You give me palpitations

Girl your styling that"s your appeal
You"re making me wild and that"s how I feel
Wanna get near you every day
And do things to you in everyway

Angie Stone
Every day you seem to come my way
Making waves with all your jazzy moves
And what a price to pay loving you this way
There"s nothing else to say, sink or swim is what we do
Baby please can"t you see it"s not all my fault
I can't be myself when you're around me baby wow wow
You give me palpitations
We can be anything that our hearts desire
Moving with the universe we can inspire love love
You give me inspiration

Angie Stone
I"m loving you and the things you do
Makes it easier for me to say oh yeah
If I need to prove my love for you is true
Baby sink swim or float, you can meet me at the shore yeah

This is Omar, Angie Stone and Omar (rpt)
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