Little Boy Lyrics

You can't seem to settle down
Seems to be too many toys around
What you gonna do about the girls whose hearts you're breaking
Can't you see the damage of the libertys you're taking
Why you run away from love little boy
There's nothing wrong with a little love little boy
You're gonna end up all alone little boy
So why you run away from love little boy

You can't tell me your heart don't feel nothing
Cause when you first met the girl
It could not stop jumping
Now you seem to be holding back
Emotionally you're empty
You must try to let yourself go
And taste what you've been missing
Repeat chorus

Why must you have to want to go on this way
You don't seem to ever want to change your ways
All you have to do is to decide to give her one chance
And you just might find there is some goodness inside romance
Repeat chorus

Lonliness is a serious thing
I want her to be there by my side every night cos it's right
Not joking, i'm not joking, not joking, i'm not joking
Put aside your pride before it's too late you might fade away
Be strong hold onto your love
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