Kiss It Right Lyrics

Lots a people faking, I don't really mind
Cause as plain as day the truth will come out in time
You say you want the truth but I must believe the source
cause there are people that like to abuse the force

Kiss it right you got to kiss it right right (repeat)

Do you think I'm messing with something that's my life?
I take it seriously like my children or my wife
Take no c*** from people that take their s*** from ghosts
I can shake it up cause more damage than the most

Time and time again I find I need relaxing
Get away all by myself I find it's must less taxing
The day to day stress and strains far behind me
Take it easy to do it all again

You can do what you want but don't mess with your mind
The only thing you have you shouldn't waste it in time
It's all about me and everyone I love and know
Cause that's how I live to learn how I learn to grow

Give thanks & praise, I need some restoration some form of foundation positive thoughts 2 in line wid my mind so don't rewind keep going forward don't pause or stop just reach 4 da top surprising like horizon sun began & begun heavy as a weight yes my lyrics weigh a ton like Mr Sheen polish we got da gleam things don't seem da same it ain't faint like paint u can't relate

It's not loving its all biz anything you want to call it (repeat)
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