Trouble in Motor City Lyrics

dead man walking, dead end town
being wanted, dead or alive being around
point the barrel, shoot for the kill
start off the cleansing, fire at will
high noon awaits, i'm reborn
for my own destiny, there's no escape
here comes trouble, trouble in motor city

resurrected by the flames at the end
played out the card of the dead man's hand
the need of the law and cross
clean up this city, for gods sake because...
high noon awaits...

the mercy you revealed is now long gone
and the fury now is on
thy will be done, you face the fear of the invisible
you start your prayers when he's comin'
around and you know he's
comin' for you, and he is seekin' vengeance on you
high noon awaits...

the vengeance you seek, is more than you need
in this town it's dead or alive
the showdown you see, comes finally
the evil you gotta defeat, trouble in motor city

high noon awaits, now you're wanted
there's no escape
i'm reborn
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