Dead Army Lyrics

as you can see i grasp the bullets that surround me
as you cant see, slowly life turns into stone
in these times when i could not breathe
summon the demons that i need
hit the gas tryin to not look backward anymore
it comes back to you - but can you follow

all alone - i deny, i can swear - but i lie
still you're the dead army, on this path, where i go
hit the ground and i know
that you're still casting the shadows

do you think i am the alpha male
the ultimate sensation
i guess i prove you wrong
as escaping sort of running
with the dice and booze in hand
separating good from evil
but you've got it in your hands
i'm the running man - there's no tomorrow

all alone - i deny...

you pray forgiveness, you did it
you don't even tried
the oath, your promise
to never live inside a lie
the air you're breathing
i'm screaming
as heavens collide
but you never tried...

all alone - i deny...

the dead army - the dead army - the dead army
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