Back in the Action Car Lyrics

accelerate in iron will, evil's final livin' thrill
onward to my destiny, we gnnna go down in slavery
finally it's gonna break, day of reckoning my game
come and find out what you'll see, black sky shadows over me
back - in the action car, arising from afar away
when the sky is, breaking down

toward the day that never lasts
5 crusaders from the west
empty hearted, empty handed, ride the dead horse till i die
lock me up inside this cage
how could love end up in rage
laugh at doom, embrace the dawning
now or never
back - in the action car ...

in the fast lane, looking death in the eye, watch it go!

back - in the action car ...
six feet underground, we go under now in fuel
and burning fury for the glory now!
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