Midnight Rider Lyrics

i got a one way ticket to the gates of the afterlife
i got a soul of black and im haunted by the night
i gain no redemption and there will be no release
the phantom king i am, the curse is me
im on the crossroads sellin' my soul to play the blues
yeah, i'm the midnight runner, too fasl for all the rules
now i gotta seek revenge alone, of chain and flame,
of bone, iron and stone
oh lord enlighten me, the curse too much to take
all that reveals to me, will move out of my way

i was into the night, from the darkness enlight
give way for the midnight rider, broken iron and steel
the fire revealed, the way of the midnight rider

the cross along that road belongs to me
another dead body bound to die flames of kerosene
without forgiveness it's feeding my machine
with the souls of the fallen and the ghosts of the unseen
into death or glory and i'm hiding from the grave
i am die death cage runner in a black down under race
i am the man, the dealer with the dead
horn to raise my tombstone at the end
no light awakens me, revenge to all i seek
another serenade, of blackness feeds my need
i was into the night ...

im alone, im the night
im the black rider falling apart from die light
im unborn, im alive, won't forgive anything
till i claim for my right - no

i was into the night ...

i am the man of the broken heart
i am the man of the broken light
i am the man of the broken highway
i am on my way to the midnight ride again
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