The Warning Lyrics

will you hit me im the enemy
like an bullet to the head
i would rather jump into the grave
than to give one inch instead
all the world is coming down, to see another day
and forever be my name
livin in unrest and bow to none
this battle is my game
tell me all about believing
in a dark and lonesome tale
the infection lasts for far to long, than everybody else
anybody in the afterlife
theres no life and it won't heal
my force is negativity
its everybodys darling, but myself's
dead or alive - jakyll or hide - now you hide

when i needed war, when im feeling low
where my enemies enter the warning
when im stealing on, when the healings gone
all the crawling they will have to pay
you fear the warning that day
its the feeling of the unconditional
count 10 seconds to total destruction
because im back from the dead
instead of buried alive
the despair of my own generation

when i needed war...

the warning that day
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