The Lighthouse Keeper Lyrics

The journey became so much more than the inside.
Forced upon a task that was the endless battle.

The colossal landscapes
Spreads before his feet.
To withhold the reverence,
Wathcer of the waves.
After dwelling in hesternal darkened shadows.
Renewed by strength
From the ancient realm of stars.

The weight of oceans was lifted from him,
He was the guardian of the sea.
A demission to the spectre within.
Brick by brick building a fortress
On the rocks of the new shore.
Stone by stone with the strenght
Of the old ones.
The coral legions new hands
Became creators of the last outpost
To the land of oceans.
With a flame from the stars
The keeper brought
Light to the darkened sea.
For the earth and sky to see,
For a faithful brother
Once among the stars.
For carrying the weight of oceans.
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