Ashen Crown Lyrics

Faded body of stone,
Cracking shell of the earth.
Fallen giant of sky,
Entering a realm of ancient fire.
The sleeping ashes of old,
Awakened by the fallen sky.
Rising from rest,
The ritual flame,
Reviving the sun with new power.

The howling fires will burn
Through the heart of stone.
A new king will rise
Through the ash and soot.
Dancing ritual flames,
Calling the sun back to life.
A new dawn will come,
Let the new star rise,
With the unclean fire.
To reclaim the throne of the skies.
Ashen crown.
Let the new star rise
To reclaim the throne
Coronated again
With the ashen crown.
Let his heart forever burn.

Forever a burning heart,
Flame of eternal pyre.
Fallen giant of the sky,
Set to reach the surface.
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