The Call to Orion Lyrics

Let him with clear eyes
See what has become
Of the world.
With his feet on a burning shore,
Gazing again to the horizon.
Never setting sun,
New ruler embodied
In an ancient king.
Transforming sky and ocean
To eternal fire.

A new sun, of ancient flame.
A new age, in ancient fire.
Let the voices of the ancient
Ones echo again.
Gather again sons of the sky,
The summoning is upon us.

Call out to the burning ones,
Lead by the guider of stars.
Let the lighthouse burn
With the fires of hope.
Starguider descend again
For the final clash.
May fire dance with fire
In one last destructive battle.
Cut your strings and
Fall down from the dark.
The sleeping hunters rises again
In the falling hours.
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