Fire and Ocean Lyrics

The sun is falling down,
Light of heaven has declined,
Downward falling, ending this day
In vast smoke and blazing fire.
The surface trembling
With fear of whats to come.
Chaos spreads the water,
In hunger the deep ocean roars.
Ingesting the sun,
Darkness feasts on the daylight.
Clouds of smoke
Is discovering the earth and waves.
A spiral from the darkened flame.
The sun keeps falling,
Swallowed by the sea,
Rushing through the water.
Sinking ever deeper,
Diluted flame of the skies
Shattering the ocean floor.
The passage to the core.

Fire and ocean,
Earth and sky collides.
Fire clashes with water,
Leaving the canopy
Without its brightest light.
Extinct star penetrates the ground,
Crushing towards the center of the earth.
The flickered out fire of hope devoured
By the darkness of the underworld.
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