The Grinning Mist Lyrics

No light can survive forever.
The absent sun left a hole in the sky,
Clutching to the hungering waves.
Empty the throne of the father star,
Empty and vast is the sky.
Dragged to the sea by the great below,
Leaving the world to eternal night.
No flame burns forever,
No glory lasts.
Under siege by the night,
And so the day falls defeated.
The fire that burn has faded,
Faded away from the sky.
Eternal shadows drown the land,
The moon new ruler of the day.
Vast and still is the ocean,
Great devourer of the above.

The king of stars is dead,
Struck by the dagger of night.
A grinning mist rules the surface,
The father of stars has fallen.
No one has traveled this far,
An emptiness with no horizon.
The king has fallen.
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