Time on Earth Lyrics

If you're on the road to something,
And you feel you're on your way,
Don't wait for tomorrow for the things that can be yours today.
When you're waiting on a feeling,
And the world lets you down,
Just keep reaching for what you believe in,
And remember there's only one time around.

We need love, to open up the heart,
We need peace, it's never too late to start.
With hope for all that it's worth, we live and we love
And we die in time on earth.
Well we all need a reason,
For things we say and do.
And all the times you give off yourself,
In the end it comes back to you.
So when a brother or a sister,
Is trying hard to understand,
You know that the road to change begins with a touch,
A touch of your hand...and love.

All that we know is love conquers all.
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