Our Love Will Be There Lyrics

They say we're young and we don't know,
The time it takes for dreams to die or love to grow.
But when I look into your eyes no-one can see,
The things that make me live for you and you for me, for me.
We climbed a mountain, touched the sky.
And never once did we look back and wonder why.
You're the reason I keep going,
Ya give me love that keeps on growing,
And my heart believes in you, ooh...
Ooh, ooh, our love will be there,
Ooh, ooh, the love that we share,
And when the day is done,
You'll be the one.

And if you wanted to break free, I would be the one to say "come to me".
And if I needed time to figure out my life,
I would count on you to say "It's gonna be alright".

Coz you're the reason for tomorrow,
The greatest feeling I know
I will always be with you.
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