Tell It to My Heart Lyrics

You don't wanna hurt me baby,
But you're leaving town.
It shouldn't take more than love,
To make you turn around.
I'm the one who wouldn't let you down,
When your heart was calling.
You never realised the promises like,
"Catch me now I'm falling".

Tell it to my heart then just let me go,
I won't let ya see the hurt I wont show,
I don't wanna be the last to know.
If we can't go on, just a big mistake,
Tell it to my heart.
It's only my heart you'll break.
Now it takes more than words,
To throw it all away.
But I guess you had your fill,
Coz you ain't got nothing to say.
But when ya needed to take some time,
Oh, I was waitin'.
You never gave me a reason to doubt,
But people change, and you're changing.

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