Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics

You, you are the only one to make me believe,
And now that you're gone,
Oh, it's not the same but the feeling inside's
Still so strong.
You said when love comes down,
Just call my name and I'll be around.

Without your loving I'm lonely,
I miss the way that you hold me,
Maybe I can't stop loving you baby.
And when my heart was calling,
You saved my world from falling,
Maybe I can't stop loving you baby.
Now, now that we're living apart,
Crying the tears that come from losing a heart.
But I feel the same like I did
Right from the start.
You send my thoughts astray,
So let the sun shine on my day.


You're in my heart,
And in all that I do.
And I know, if I have to live my life,
Don't wanna live without you.
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