Fine Lyrics

Girl, if I said to you this ain't love we hold onto,
Would ya believe that we'd find a way,
Or give it up, and throw it all away?
Cos when you said to me this ain't what I thought it would be,
That's when I knew that it wouldn't be long,
Another song of a lover gone wrong.
In your world I gave ya everything,
But if this is goodbye...

I know I'll be fine without you,
A frozen heart can't cry.
And if I should fall without you,
At least I'm not the one who lied.
You told me you need some time,
Well you got something else on your mind.
Something you need so desperately,
And now you're where you wanted to be.

In these eyes I still live the promises,
But if this is goodbye

Well I gave it all to you,
But still you wanted more.
And since it don't matter to you,
I guess I'll take your love and walk out the door.
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