Warpledge Lyrics

Tearing acts to destroy
They're breeding a slaughter of the mortal race
With the foolish right to immolate
It's bleeding life on this soil
Inglorious existence is condemned to crawl
All the rage of the slayer unfolds as King Minos
Calls the flesh, tribute of souls!
On the stone lay the fourteen!

For my father's oppression
Dictated by who deceives and depraves
Under the weight of salvation I bend, my fear's

Calling from the island
The screaming silent voice
This curse endlessly d***ates the fourteen sons of Greece
I, before the sea
Know there's only one vision in me
The solution is clear
No more enclosed in disease
And finally free from all fears
Towards those lands
Where the glory solemnly descends
On my luminous spear
If I will fall, the black sails'll appear!
Bound, on the enemies' field
The screams of the innocents resonate
Where the candor's food for the beast
Down in this fortress of sacrifice
Conceived by the one who detested the gods
I am destined to stumble and fall as King Minos

All the ones who will try
To step into this place they will not return
They'll be crumbled by the darkest lord
They'll fall
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