Under Black Sails Lyrics

After the greatest negation
Time has come for my rise
Resolution obtained by the chosen one
Unbound bringer of light
Ruler of Athens
No respect for the wights
All the legions will hail and my force'll prevail
On the enemies
Terrorize with pain, annihilate the weak now!
Instigate despair, purify with fire
Under my iron command
Forever the vile'll decline
Victory! We shout under this pitch black sky
We're darkened by Dyonisus' lymph
We celebrate this glory day
Forever chanted shall be our own ventures
Hail! Hail! Sons of the gods we sail
Towards the shores of endeavors we are one!
Cruel is the fate of the conceited core of man
Under the black sails we stand
Blessed by maximum glory now it's time for revenge
I despise all the weaks, born to be king
Adversary of fate
Writing this hateful story of forsaking and pain
Leading me to the void as ego dictates
Cut the thread with old days
To become the new emperor
There's no s***e for the fears
She will wander alone drowning in tears
There in Naxos she'll be towards the father's land
Now unfold the sails wide
Where I take my owed throne, vested with crown
Time is coming to
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