A Million Deaths Lyrics

Back in the trench beneath this grey sky
Together waiting for the end
We stick our chests out decorated with medals
Before the lead will replace all the pride in these hearts
And there will be no celebration, forgotten names etched in the mud
Me I believe honour lasts forever, therefore I sacrifice
My life is yours
This stench of flesh in putrefaction
Inebriates the living dead
Breathing the soul of the slain in battle
We wait in line with our comrades our ration of hell
Under the flag of our nation we fight the enemy until the last stand
We earn on the field the respect of fathers, united we immolate
Our lives are yours

Bleeding under the scars
Going for a recognition, going for a purple heart
We are becoming insane here, forgotten in fox holes
We fight the primal fear more than the real foe
No we can't discern them clearly from our companions
We're going insane here. Why don't you hear us?
Why don't you rescue us all?
Hidden in my shelter under heavy enemy attack,
My thoughts ink the letters
That will never reach my hearth
Memories are stabbing my soul like a bayonet
I forgot the reason why we are confined in this hell
"Honour goes far beyond death and suffering
And only through the sacrifice of the brave will peace be restored.
Don't despair my sons, keep your heads high
For your names will be remembered forever in time"

To defend you my sire I have blown away my soul
Devastating my own life
With no rewards
Choking my existence with lies
Led by the devil to paradise: Down
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