Syphilis Lyrics

"My beloved king
I compose this letter to you
In the sleepless nightmare hours of the night
Wandering through cold empty corridors
I can hear these walls
Screaming your magnificent name and
I can find no peace"
I have to protect my breed
No matter who I love, no matter how I feel
It's in my pure drops, it's in my royal seed

My great love don't let me fall apart
Desire is killing me
Don't you let me drown in tears

Don't cry
You know it's a hopeless wish
No future for us, but only bitter tears
Preserve your frail heart
From an unending bleed
"Oh lord
How long shall I bear the burden
Of my tormenting silence
And live my life in the shadows
This is a frightful conflict, this is not life
Please, come and take me
Please, my love, please"
I will never come again
I forbid this love forever
As time has come to forget
And leave it to the past
So make the right choice to save us
Before it's too late
Can't soil my blood for nothing
And waste my heritage
Can't blacken my name
And lose my purity
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