In aeternum Lyrics

Bow your head before your king, as I'm the bringer of light
The chosen one amongst all men, the lord and master of light
"But who decided it all?"
Shut up you servant, respect divine right
For I belong to the elite of mankind
Enlightened guardian of justice and right
My word is law or it's eye for an eye
Bow down before the sovereign of the kingdom
I will lead you through the hardest times
Devote we are to the crown, in sole command forever glorious

Hail: Long live the great king!

Born with the fire inside
The flame of wisdom burns in my noble heart
Turns into guiding light that blows the mist on the path
"We'll follow you 'till the end!"
Balance of power, the art of the wise
Ancestral pride to preserve for my bloodline
Resounds my name through spirals of time
Until kingdom come I
God bless my soul, guide my fury through this cold war
Hunting Judas down
Now free my hands from the spires of the serpent
Death to the traitors of the crown

No one to trust and no one to save
As this court is a den of snakes
Walk alone through this treacherous world
Mutilating the venomous tongue
Your misleading words, hide desire to prevail
In this devious show, fail
No one is virtuous, no one is grown
No one deserves to be heir to the throne
'Till their veins will be filled with their gall
I will stand for the sake of the sacred crown
Forever at war
You deceiving worms will be smashed by my rage
In the name of god, slayed

In aeternum, draining struggle to serve my reign
With full force restore the integrity
Purify consciences through blood
Extirpate those cancers, dictate my law
'Till the day of my fall
Beware you'll pay for your faults
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