Post-Enlightenment Executor Lyrics

Hard and strenuous is the fate of whom
In the void of his soul
Searches something that he can't ever reach, cult.
Punishment for the masses
Horrible hellish grief
Infinite grinding anguish
Corruption of the writs
You must deny.

Once in the storm you'll be filled by the coils
Of a misheading rule of the unwise
Lost in the haze of illusory prayers
You are forced to inhale your despair, cult.

Prejudice made pretence segregation of the law
Gorgons and preachers, pour themselves in deadly pits
Shiver of an ultimate all-d***ation in the storm
Your impatience to reach an incoherence facing fear
Samned by a**entence to something unmerciful
Full with pain of chocking obstinate and dreadful sins.
I devastate c**ts
As the oracles lie
I starve with my scorn
Humiliating your failing god,
Where I march I evage.
Exorcism of seed of madness is lost
In the depths of your pain
Morbid anthems of decaying purity, cult.

Indoctrination's striding
Moves like a nemesis
Intoxication crisis
Rejected neurosis
Destroy the wretched.
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