Embodied Deception Lyrics

Annihilation of flesh but not annihilation of lies
World is the victim of men that for money will sell their own life
An acid rain bleeds from clouds while our breath opens scars in the sky
Tar is new sand of today, tomorrow the sun will never rise.
Die, you deserve to die,
You deserve to die in pain.
Feel your slow decay,
Feel the time that slowly ends.

Mind corruption, infection of men lost for deception
Oppressed, trapped in a cage of words, religion, no
A cancer that devotes
The knowledge thing of the ancient world.
Flames around, a mourning veil of truth is falling down black snow,
Venomous snow's corroding our skin, like dust
Upon the flesh is flying away from you
I see you naked in front of me alone.

Die now!
Feed the hate,
With truths you never know and you'll be.
Killed by hate,
That will be back again to kill.

Need to suffer.
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