Revelations (Remix) Lyrics


When the sun fades out
And the blackness shrouds
And the wolves all howl
And the stones fall loud
When the fear is found
And nightmares hound
Will you drown in the plague that surrounds

Verse 1:

Weight upon a point of pressure, watch as it implodes
Wind upon a way of life, see how it erodes
Seek inside a rose to find the wilting of a soul
Seize a path unknown and then you'll walk the world alone
Now travel past the bones of prophets and warlords
Past the empty thrones and treasures of gold h***ds
Past the vacant vaults of pharaohs that came before
Beyond the crowns of kings once mighty and so adored
And to the top of the ancient ziggurats
To the pyramids and plots and the holy lands forgot
And drop by a place where you can find a spot
That can spot a panorama of the messages in crops
Then stop, ponder if it serves to insight
Does it shed a light on the Armageddon that's in sight
Can it aid or help excite the armies that march strong
The battle to find calm that rattles the rage on
Climb on in the race to belong
Hang on in the face of the harm
Move through with the pace of a charge
And resist the alarm to embrace all the wrong
Is it truth or just words in a song
Is it hope, is it fear of forgone
Am I knight, am I lowly the p***
Let it known at the sound of the gong

This is Mayan times
But I am not afraid
And I won't die today
So pull me under
I fear no thunder

Verse 2:

Who knows why their stronghold couldn't hold me at bay
Why their strength couldn't control me away
Why the drive will not decline or decay
Or why design will leave alive one today
One to prey hard in a graveyard lay
One to take charge in a Braveheart way
A mournful mist to a**ist and portray
The tears of grown men no pen will convey
Without a leader to address or sway
Our losses move under and cross the raw thunder
Without an angel to embrace or save
Our hope is fused into these stones that hold hundreds
And I choose to stand
Though I'm bruised and branded
I refuse the noose that I'm handed
My eulogy will read:
"To Hell he's been and sipped their scorched gin with a sinful grin"
Oh strange am I
Strangely eyed to look calm as our worlds collide
Fools can find shade thinking fate is blind
Their safety buys stakes for their purpose dies
Though worthless lives are worth less lives
My words revive and cry loud for the certain sign
Till end of days sound and the earth is dry
Know this is a farewell but it's not goodbye

This is Mayan times
But I am not afraid
And I won't die today
So pull me under
I fear no thunder
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