Changeling Lyrics

Verse 1:
Feelings overflow
And I'm not letting go
Though in my heart I know
I know
Don't wanna be over you (3 x)
But you are not you

Verse 2:
She said this wasn't easy for her
Deciding to walk away wasn't easy for her
And she said, she felt the world was just something that she observed
That she was inadequate
That her place hadn't been earned
She said, she wasn't happy with how her life had turned
Feeling the real her was something she had to learn
I said, this isn't easy but I support unnerved
Believing that in time she'd wake up and return
But hope would fade as those few days had turned to weeks
And those weeks created something of which I couldn't speak
Except to say it spoke as if I wasn't me
As if we now hadn't been together since we were teens
As if these nine years were from a convincing dream
And the woman I thought I loved never loved me, I can't conceive
This had to be a thing
Sort of like a changeling
It acted and spoke the part
But her essence it couldn't sing
Don't wanna be over you (3 x)
But I'll just have to make it through
Cuz you are not you

Verse 3:
When you've gone astray
And the world just won't obey
When you fall away
Well we all must find our own way

Verse 4:
It's quite amusing how being apart can yield
Levels of clarity on confusion once thought surreal
And what amazement to come to find you can heal
That one's future isn't ill-fated but slated for high appeal
Well solace gives opportunity to reveal
And time sheds perspective on why one feels
To see success even in division's the test
Well every day we had wasn't anything short of blessed
So changeling, change brings
More than deranged things
Strange things
I've near persevered in an upswing
So cling to new hope
More than a good show
So do sing, do glow
And to this new you
Let us remove ado
Let us now greet renewed and just start from a different view
I'll introduce myself
Now you introduce yourself
We'll smile and live in health as two friends who have never dwelt
Don't wanna be over you (3 x)
But you are not you

Don't wanna be over you (3 x)
But you are not you
You are not you (5x)
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