At War With Me Lyrics

Only notions he considers are hollowed and lost thoughts
Visions that confer only sorrow that time's caught
A ghost upon a body so shoddy and scared soft
A mind so terrified it's resigned and it's shut off
But that's to be expected when a boy has been selected
In his hands is placed a weapon as a soldier then directs him
Shoot upon your father
To refuse you'll burn in horror
No pursuit of pride and honor
He just stands immersed in sweat
Family eyes connect
He holds his rifle to his chest
His heart is heavy with regret as he unloads with his offence
And "in the name of freedom" is chanted to loud applause
While planted in his brain is an image of Hell crossed
Sobbing in his spirit and fearing the holocaust
He must compose himself or risk being the next lost
Now every shadow hides a face he's shot or blown to dust
With every day he's dying and getting more out of touch
And every night he dreams he ends the death machine
And finds a way to run from his stranger and this regime
As morning leaves him choking and full of grief
He's hoping today will be the day that brings him a reprieve

If only we could find the fortune
Instead of misfortune
Would be see it's out of proportion
Or have we cut off our feet
No way to retreat
In nothing but defeat
But if we can get us lost
And try to take it off
Could we clean up this distortion
Try to make it soften
Are we all orphans now
Have we exhausted now
And I never loathed a life
But now I lead this war with me
Verse 2:
I suspect my calm's Manchurian in nature
Just a matter of some time before she makes me waste 'em
Yet I possess no fury toward this stranger
No I just feel allured by coming danger
Change her I wouldn't
I want to ride the current of her storm
Nourish on her sword
And let my soul absorb
And he of pure mind, let him to me accord
Benevolence to ward off temptation that I have stored
Cuz lord knows the craving in me grows
With every step I took I knew the devil in me rose
Waiting on a precipice so delicately posed
A long and lovely fall no will or fire can oppose
But the beauty of her form brings violence
And I succumb to dancing with this siren
And I can feel the weight of this unload
Perception has been altered now I see what she's bestowed
The wrath in me explodes and the sins of men are found
The power of her sound reveals malevolence abound
To he who sees no heaven amongst the clouds
The reckoning is coming, get ready for buried ground
Yet I can feel such impurity within
I must expel the fiend and let its hole cave in
And so to singe this evil now I pull the pin
But clutch it to my heart to end the journey of my twin
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