Deoxyribonucleic Acid Lyrics

Engineering forms of life, splicing DNA
Cut the strand, extract the base
What is real can be changed
Laboratories experiment with the limits of our will
But there are endless ways to justify
If we can, we will

Products of our mind
Looking from inside
Strange creations

Science based on temptation to what we can achieve
The desire lies within our hearts to fix the human being

Cesspool of genes
Tainted genetics
Our fingers run down the blade
Of a double edged helix
Journey through the cells
Unlock the cell doors

Violative manipulation
DNA, the ultimate temptation
Further do we travel descending the spiral stair case?
Reality unravels in the presence of our wake

The hand that feeds is ingenuity
Progression voices our reprisal
Our ransacking gaze grips the shrinking world
And what it comes down to is survival

They will guarantee future sanctity
When the coin is tossed perfection comes at a cost

Violative manipulation
DNA, the ultimate temptation
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