LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease) Lyrics

On Epsilon, 14 billion strong
Cygnus has always struggled for control; they told me it could not be done

All they need is a technogenic disease
We supply for free
Parasites of technology
So easily moved in line
Addicted to the use of our
Exclusive rights

Have them screened (x3)
We feed off their disease

Track down the terrorist cells
See who is on my side
Interrogate the world
While we stay out of sight, right

You choose a page; we'll pick apart your brain
We track your eyes with our cameras; we see your pupils dilate

Subliminal are the ways that we tame you
You're feeling proud of what you have consumed

Parasites of technology
Addicted to our LCD screens
Molded and sleek to gain your trust
Now give yourself to us

Have them screened (x3)
Liquid crystal disease

Intangible cyber life
Too complacent to look outside
We are shaping the world
While we stay out of...
Parasites of technology
Your addiction is a disease
No regrets of a wasted life
You cannot touch what you see

Death, seems the only way
That you will even stray
Think upon what you've lost
As we archive your thoughts

I can use your remorse
To steer my ship on its course
Open the Oculus
Fear Cygnus, fear Cygnus
You can have claim to grounds
Of Enocules I have found
If you report to me
Morbid mastery..... is yours

I turn the screens on Cygnus
The cameras reading their eyes
Affixed to every device
They can tell no lies
Freedom of choice within
What you are given
No choice outside the small
World that you live in

They have led you astray
While I've been away
I can quiet the noise
I can give you a choice

I see Cygnus now as it truly is
They claim to bring balance, but they cannot to this

World with ideals that can't be controlled by
Shadows in the sky who lie

Parasites of technology
The looking glass shows us the obscene
I see myself disconnected
I can wipe it clean

Have them screened (x3)
Feed their disease
Have them screened (x3)
Liquid crystal disease

Cygnus always thought this planet was unbalanced
I'll do what they could never do. A full-out cleansing by a thought out annihilation
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