Black Future Lyrics

Energetic pulse rippling out from our world
An undead galactic master sleeps within a subspatial realm
Dark waves traverse the astral plane, the demonoid awakes
Nebular projections pierce the fabric of s***e
The anti-being breaks through
Black Future

All at once the sky went black, a single earth beat heart attack
Awakened giant in the sky, through the black, huge glowing eyes
A purple glow which stilled the air, stranglehold in the demon's glare
The hungry darkness in our mind's is the toxic substance on which it thrives
Black Future

World destroyer

Time accelerates with the advent of a monolithic shadow
On this world that we call home, within our minds its thoughts grow
Entering into our brains, eaten alive but we still feel safe
Never exposed to the light, seething global parasite
Black Future
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