Dark Nebula Lyrics

Absorb the radiation into blackness
Photo degradation in the depths within
Shrouds of creation, cold emptiness
The black serpent writhes in the solar wind
Conceal the secret knowledge from events before
Cloud the peering eye from what lies beyond the door
Slumbering in the black cocoon
Mistress of the night, a solar moon

Into the night, seeker of light
Into the day, impermiate
Into the sore to find what hurts more
Into the unknown to see what we own

Watch it unfold out of control
Watch it collapse as it contracts
Unstoppable force, growing remorse
A magnetic field the future will feel

The strange ways that we keep face
Gravitation holds our place
We never seem to change our pace
Forward on to win the race
Congregation in the cell
Manic pulse of thought up-wells
Deep within the dark eclipse
A growing metamorphosis

Trapped inside deception and lies
Trapped inside the growing madness in my mind

All of the time spent, all of the years
All of the moments that led me to this place
What will I do now that I am here?
I walked inside the black serpent of the sky
My eyes were drawn to a sun within the dark nebula

The wheel revolves contorting time and s***e
Twisting strings that form the astral plane
The dark creature begins the chase
Holding the mane of the beast to meet our fate
A stark contrasting blob infects our sight
Riding further into the night
A search to be content with what we are
And to look and find a place among the stars
Desperately, we arrive anywhere
A place we never planned to be
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