Risus sardonius Lyrics

I desecrate myself while I m*********.
A f***** up horrid action seen through Christian eyes.
Profanity, in despite of the Holy Trinity.
I trampled down the cross, and spat upon it.
I reach out for the morbid master.
He who shuts their prayer.
In human filth and sickness.
I l*** for the dirt in your minds.
I remind myself every night of this f****** decadence.
And a life in lies and blasphemy.
(The darkest of human mind stare into the abyss.)

Perversity of the absence of purity,
and purgatory in the ashes of paradise.
As the serpent rises from the Garden of Eden, I erect.
Like the daggers of this sacrifice. (Yet to be unveiled.)
Hear me! Mother of Harlots,
and abominations of the earth.
Of the girl you sent,
I lifted her feet, and entered her domain.
I wander in all her cavities with my serpent tongue
and I heard the whimpering within.
The unborn child stared in its mother's womb,
ignorant of its disease to come.
Drown in poisonous spawn, in which I e********.
The child gasps and suffocates.
Chosen to die and rot inside.
I inflict her virgin a*** tract.
Which I pierce with the same intense pain.
I caused upon myself.
The l*** in me grows strongly now.
I slit her throat and gain control.
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