Piece of Rock Lyrics

The beat sounds exotic but I'm not no jamaican
listen to the topic, lotsa bro's are mistaken
jamaicans, rastas smoke for the honour of jah
but that same one's far away - from every doper
the pope, the priests are not believed c'mplete atheists
but the joe schmo's still seek high spirits
the ones that used to smoke pallmall - just for the habit
have it big with h - and a drughead as a babysit
they grab it, and stab it, that heavenly fluid
until their teeth look all grind grit
this s*** submits you to join the zoids - the droids
aal made by their own choice
a lack-a-deck could be a drag
a drag could lead you to this d*** smack
yeah, and all this to lead you to the last track
f*** up your mind with that g****** crack
now, my drug's a drug that only talks
about the cons of this piece of a rock
piece of the rock

Piece of the rock infects a whole block
not 'cos of the size, 'cos it's a small product
thugs guarantee a shock and a show
in the dark, it blinds your eyes - yes, 'cos it's snow
Redlight-zone, check out where you roam
their hands in their pockets, they offer in a low tone
try to imagine the shape they're in
slim to the bone, but b ain't the vitamin
they offer and suffer for the daily scheme
men come in teams, for a g on a pipedream
me myself, I met one at a quarter to twelve
white as a pillow, walked like an elf
she asked me how much I want to offer her to do work
I refuse, I try to lose, with acting like a jerk

she just wants piece of the rock
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