Big Apple Lyrics

mc, remember the day you were hyped ?
in europe you heard the first dose of rhyme
it shivered your spine, the music was fine, I suppose
it made you presumptious - you can't come close to a cigar -
no superstar - 'cos you copy
make a cliche what they say in usa, mc
don't believe, rub your eyes a clear vision
you're lucky in your zone, no u.s. collision
now, make that decision to cross the ocean
rap your tracks - they smack, before you have a notion
'cos all originals gotta be original
make 'm say 'european style is typical'
no b***s or s*****es, big apple's a temple
now make your own, you know the example

big apple, it's only example
The rhyme spectre haunts like a corrector
my hate of imitating mc's - is the factor
you see, I walk around in my hometown
visit now and then clubs underground
see them walk around blowing their mouths off
they can't hang, so why hang around son ?
not learning, no progress 'bout the past
stuck with old skool, old wax, all that jazz

big apple, it's only example
Like me when I blast you're going on drugs
like designer-drugs - you get the best bang for the buck
now let me show you the big picture
you as an outsider get a mixture
of whack rhymes, over and over
you feel dizzy, yo ! here's an artist to make you sober
with strong rhymes made for succes
sometimes I stand alone, this time with a bandact
and I guess uds is fresh
'cos we don't mess with things they do in the us

big apple, it's only example
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