Hitchhike H.D. Lyrics

Hitchhike H.D. loves to hitchhike
so obsessed like I love rocking a mike
dressed to impress with a b***level skirt
bosom up when she stands beside the turf
she's posing, they're scoping, men try
to rope in - engines slow and doors all open
Used to tell her that ain't the way to go
h.d wants to go h.d. high and mighty low
ain't from this world, she's so naive
can't tell the difference between a sleeze and a ph.d, gee !
like a leaf, young and greeny
the body forgets the mind, it's so tasty
for the goat that roams, for the sin that's old
expecially when it hops up and down the road
One day she did the same route routine
she thumbed to the west, they came from the east-scene
both beardsmen, she thought they were clean
appearances are deceptive, if you know what I mean
a slambam, a sandwich, a lovelace hardcore
made hitchhike h.d. never hitchhike no more
I told her so !
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