T.A.D.E.D. Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Family of Light, n**** hand me the mic
And I swiftly enlighten your third eye sight
Finna' blow; dynamite, watch us all take flight
Indigo's blowin' O's, that's supernatural heights
We famous overnight, f*** fame this is a heist
Here to free souls. Beastcoast the living christ, Bow Down
The m***********' gods are down for life
23 tryin' to fadeaway from J's like Mike

[Issa Dash]

My n**** hold up, you don't do drugs
I smoke m***********, I lean dawg
5 hits little n**** yeah, I trip hard
Beastcoast out here, n**** raise the bar
On the block, rollin' up with the tints low
Breakin' up another pound of the indo
Rollin m*********** swishers, so we hit slow
If you ain't with the light, my n**** get low


My n**** get low, peep the signs grind, n**** get mo'
But it's our time, get in line or just hit the door
Gold Soul protect a n**** like a pistol
Been a brainfeeder way before this s*** official

[Issa Dash]

You know the weed smoke, Sour diesel
Keep a n**** elevated like seagulls bruh
Psychedelic m*********a, no evil cuz
Got a n**** out here tryin' to spread the love

I'm trippy m***********, everyday, everyway
And I keep a blunt rolled of that f*****' bomb haze
Elevate, to the s***e, see me comin' through your way
On some 3rd eye s***, m*********** this UA

Beastcoast n****, scream it loud when we around
n****, scream it loud when we around
Beastcoast n****, scream it loud when we around
n****, scream it loud when we around

[Verse 2]


Beastcoast with us
Your weak flows, n***** I eat souls
Don't be the first n**** I defeat
Skeet, skeet on your b****, debrief
You'll be trashed, don't forget the acid, I feet sweep on her a**
Me and my n***** we deep
Flatbush standpoint, you won't beat the clan boy
ProEra, we gon' rule this whole era
Zombies, New New York you need to step up
Faith could seem a real make believe
I could create my dreams into reality
n**** tryin' to be me, with a parody
Apparently, these lames have no self esteem
Uh, Uh
Get yourself redeemed, if it's eternity burn into smithereens
Uh, Uh, into smithereens
m************, I ain't trippin', I'm just livin' dreams my n****
[Issa Dash]

Elevate, your n**** miss that plane
f***** your ho, your n**** missed that train
This UA, my n**** play no game
LSD n****, I'm tripped out my brain
f*** That, pop another capsule of the magical s***
Kick a n**** like kung-fu
Now we lookin' for a spot to rush through
Yea you know how the f*** them Zombies do
Come through with a couple blunts too
Say a n**** can't smoke here, then f*** you
Gettin' too high, I f**** with my crew
Going buck wild, I'm gone off that brew
Now a little bit of rozay
Keep a n**** f***** up, mix a little bit of OE
Tell my n***** come with more trees
Cut the zip of the double m****f**** yeah we OD

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