Revelations Lyrics

People think that I'm lazy
People think that I'm this fool
Because I gives a f*** about the government
And didn't graduate from high school
But I learned how it's done
So I'm gonna be number one
Thank you Jesus for my mamma
Thank you b****** for my money
(Verse 1: Issa Dash)
I must be outta my mind
Making n***** willing to open up to the light
Smoking good dank, yeah, n**** this must be life
Oh, we making moves you n***** thought we was fine
My n**** going off, my n**** though we all confident
Pound fitted down like a buck, livers on my n*****' lobes
Two blunts, four shreds and a middle dough
We get enough from the m*********** reefer smoke
Born to lead a generation through storm
In a time so hard while you n***** go soft
Change your dreams ma n****, puff your weed ma n****
Get high, not low
Hustle in the summer till the m*********** winter
And my flow go hard like a m*********** missile
You can catch me in the tribe, with the hustlers and the killers
Putting all for my city like we entered the Olympics
Repping out for my gang, we bought that love, we don't bang
'Less a heathen step out his lane, then you know them hammers go w***
No, f*** that n****, get your brain up
And if you can't get rhythm, get your paper
And if you can't get both, n****, wake up, gold chains
Purp puff, feeling like a laker
Jimmy try to get a n**** but they never shape us
They see winning our kids so they hate us
But we the realest m************, no makeup
Suck a dented life fare and knock our creators
Ain't no debating, who are the greatest
It is up in your heart, n****, go out create it
Get out the matrix, why you stuck in the dark, n****?
We can crown our kings in Adidas

(Verse 2: AK)
All my life n***** told me that I ain't s***
Funny how things slip, knowledge of the ancient
Ain't s*** if you ain't fit
Bought a plane tic to astral land and my m*********** brain's sick
Crank it to the government, f*** 'em man
Martial law they don't care about a brother, man
Expended brain, book out the frame
Then I became a light bearer nearer to the sun
I'm staying, f*** you taking 'bout?
I'm a f****** living god, find a truth deep inside
My body is so float the most high up
I'm ghost, comatose, mary jane we elope
In the mists of the smoke, elevate your mind
Get awoken, listen this advice, take notes
These are ....coasts, this is real life over still life
f*** it all n****, just do it if it feels right
Right? Can't justify this life of mine, I'm so divine
b****, I'm smoking chronics, stoned like onyx
Never third eye lips, it's nature's ways
Young a** n***** got honest days
Extraterrestrial, no, not great, but we do come in peace
What we got to say is that cautious way
With a little bit of egg now, word to my pigment
Rock jewels like Rocka m***********
But these words from the pyramids, to fine to hear it
Case stones lower level ...
The schools ain't teaching s***, son
Better elevate out of this system
Filling trapped in the hood, get your stripes, watch your back
Get that rack you don't wanna be the victim, n****
We can crown our kings in Adidas
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