Cold Crush Lyrics

Chorus(Issa Gold)
I put it down for my city
That New' New York is with me
They say it's like the 90's cause we bringing back the gritty
Rep that conscious flow committee
We'll kill'em with no pity
I link my n**** Lex, you know I told him we gon' get it
Cause we blowing up
New York back on the map my n****
Shout out to Cold Crush
Yeah we coming up, king of the city
When I show up
Bring a pound to a show security
They know whats up
Let me get my roll up
Whats the hold up?

(Verse 1: Issa Gold)
Came up from the bottom cause a n**** working hard
Everybody want a piece, my conscious shine just like a star
Now we copping the whole thing, I blow my weed down by the jar
And I'm using my three eyes a n**** watching for facade
Lets get lit
She like how i spit
I told her pop a hit
So innocent
Put her on that s***
She went and told her friend
I remember getting [?} caught smoking that indo in the morning
Told my momma, best don't worry
Ima get it how I want it
We all in
Ain't smoking that grade unless it's medicine
My Letterman reek of the reefer
Ain't tryna let her ascend
Never sober, wake up in the morning take a hit
Never heard a kind of n**** flowing like this
Put my city on the map
While I bang on these hits
Now i laughing at these kids while I'm passing again

(Verse 2: AK)
Elevated lifestyle
Never aim by the prophet if it ain't on the dial
Rose like Roths, so they call me "Sun Child"
But after my sesh, shorty wet like the Nile
Took us back to the green room, made her go down
[?]I mean back to the team room, now mary go round
Fans shed tears, screaming you're imortal
Give me a couple more years, and i would've thrown crown foreall
Counting mils
Stepped out the box, now my brain builds
That sour diesel my brain fills
Live stress free, cause pain kills
Uh, stack green bills
From shore to shore
Bout to tour the globe
Torch flow to your torched soul
Can't dodge those
(uhhh, nah , nah)
What you n***** on?
I'm in the bush with the herb I'm puffing strong
Been a gift to this earth since I was born
Better know your f****** work before your gone
Elevated, go home you can't dethrone king
Got my wisdom from the holy soul, the worlds spring
Know the system want control
But no i won't sink
Cause New York raised the golden soul through the ink
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