Going Against God Lyrics

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
n***** talk a lot of s*** bout the s*** they ain't got
Keep on talking, then we pull on his block
Trinidad "Don't believe me just watch"
Told my n**** Powers "Raise it a notch"
Speakers booming, n**** break up the box
f*** a b****, really only want top
Yeah I got my chopper, keep it for cops
n**** rising I know
Hit the finest hydro
n**** ride for that coast
Multiplying my hoes
Make her hit the high notes
Woah woah
Hitting gas and I flow
Give me wings and I coast
Getting wings and I boast
f*** your b**** off my post
Instagram got them hoes
Go god, and my partner young Gohan .
Pump your breaks, you better slow down
And your b**** 0 to 60 just like the cortarc
2Pac enter my heart my n***** won't stop
Till they pull up at me like 50 I bet I won't drop
n**** moving the city the city spitting like cobra
n***** chasing millions like Diddy but never sold
n***** look stupid its silly going against god

[Hook: Issa Gold]
Going against God
Going against God
Going against God
[Verse 2: AK]
Leave it to me and I gladly deliver
She Snapchat that p**** same night I was in her
Sinners insane double S, Super Saiyan
Till mills on my bank I go hard like the pavement
Hibernate like caveman
Hyperbolic training
Hop out off the booth, its burning, Usher Raymond
With the Kunta Kinte, your b**** call me sensei
If its not Blue faces I do not comprendé
I'm a comma chaser, no pause in my statement
As-salamu alaykum, no beef for your [?]
The throne looking vacant so AK reclaim it
Hella weed and hail ain't get me through the fakeness
I don't even practice, AI with the talents
When I grip the mic I'm Jackie with the talents
Man truth never told unless I was the narrator
Average a** rappers we treat you like scavengers
Don't get Meek Millied invincible
Troy, we pop at your Achilles
Can't f*** with the normal popping in your city
You sold 50 albums tryna be like 50
My n**** like really
On a bigger better things that be the coast
Summer 16 belonging to the coast
Flatbush raised me baby, teeth be full with gold
Flag be on the left Im repping for the low
Yeah we fresh to death you n***** can't indulge
The Mary gang I pay your rent with my clothes
Just be shining gold it's a magnet for hoes
AK might erupt I spit nightmares with flows
Kobe call me clutch I dig into her guts
Tell me I'm a genius g the bat at up
Pick her out like Gina she don't get no cloth
Thinking how I leave them going against the Gods
[Hook: AK]
Going against God
Going against God
Going against God
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