Root of All Evil Lyrics

[Verse 1: AK]
Motivated, just by the smell of money
Taking my n***** out the hood make sure they never b**min
Taking your b****** out your arms with the killer swag
Seeing that most you n***** fake now I don't feel as bad
Finna spazz, N.E.R.D. on the beat
Hope my n**** CP, don't mind me RIPing this beat
Take you down to the ghettos to the streets
Them creators like geppetto from Pinocchio in the kitchen cooking heat
Quit the b****** my n**** and get some more cash
Don't stop stackin' till the storm is on your forecast
Hit the strip club throw it all on a ho's a**
They tell you "why?", tell em don't ask, n****

Stack them dollars till you can't stack up no more, n****
Tell yourself that you're gonna get it, get up and go
Stack them dollars till you can't stack up no more, n****
Tell yourself that you're gonna get it, get up and go

[Verse 2: Issa Dash]
Okay I'm stackin paper, get high like them scrapers,
Two blunts now I make like the tater
Two b****** in the back, entertainers
How you getting laid with no paper?
But you don't hear me though
Elevated high when I'm off that dro
Got that low three double 0 for the oh,
Sour Diesel puffin on that heavy smoke
Say I'm on my s***, prophetic it's when you hear me spit
Psychedelic kid when I'm off that hit
And the LS chick and a couple bone rips
Keep you're circle tight, bithes out here, yea them n***** gon' bite
Never see clanly so with the tray by me
Lay a demon down only use one round get down
But I ain't no killer, promise I blow go get them sinners
Count my figures in a circle of the winners
To my summers and my winters and there's only gods with us
Count stacks laid back, where my herbs at?
?It was the finest a lot I'mma burn that?
?There's no drug here, go learn that?
?Get upon s***, n****, like n**** work promises?
So pot that medicine, got that remedy for the medicine
Here another nation, liberation
From the late month for me is I'm blessed like a mason
Psycho like I'm Jason and I'm chasing all the richest big faces
Live life elevated, Neo from the matrix, I'm faded
[Verse 3: AK]
Uh, elevated and that's an understatement
Work by the power of Satan, addicted to the payments
We all sinners, n**** no one is perfect,
We all winners I just happened to surface
The root to evil, dollars consuming people
People consuming dollars, like God there is no equal
They good they miles away, so timeless pay get on our race
I'm to say, ridin for your honor, n**** crime pays
The time say this a** slipping down the hour glass
No room for error in this era of the first class
Gotta adapt or get trapped, stack and get off of the mat
n**** f*** them b******, chase your goals, get them riches
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